Straight Laced Mom Taught Me About CBD

My mother and I had just came back from a long vacation and came home to many packages that had been left. Many of them were from things she had ordered before leaving. There was a box labelled CBD Oil UK and I was shocked to find out that my mother had ordered that. When I asked her about it, she had told me she had been taking CBD for a few years now. I was shocked!

My mother is not someone who would use something like CBD. She is a very straight laced kind of women, so to find out that she was using it was shocking to me! She never had any health issues that I knew of that would need CBD either. When I asked her what she was taking it for, she said “Darling, it helps me sleep at night!” I know CBD was used for a lot of things, but I had no idea if could help with sleep.

I told her about my own sleeping issues and she told me to try some that night and that it might help me as well. I was a little skeptical at first. However, she really explained the benefits and how it is natural and safe to us. Around 8:00 pm, I bit the bullet and had a drop under my tongue. I would say about an hour later, I was really sleepy and went to bed. I woke up refreshed and awake. It was so weird, but I was still skeptical. The next night, I did the same thing and got the same results. The third night, I didn’t take any and I tossed and turned all night.

In the end, I became a believer in the product. I started ordering myself my own bottle and haven’t looked back since. I am having great nights sleep every night and waking up refreshed! I can’t thank my mom enough.